Friday, 16 August 2019

It's turned up it's toes

Steadfast is ten years old and so I believe was the 12 volt Shoreline fridge; note the 'was'.  
Yes folks a dead or dying fridge is no use to man or beast so we have had to source a replacement. 
After much trawling around the internet we found what we needed, size being a critical factor in the choice, but also saw that the supplier, Shoreline, wanted £45 to deliver.  Plan B then.   Could Midland Chandlers get this particular model for us?  The advantage is that we are only 6 miles from the Penkridge branch of Midland Chandlers and they would take the old fridge for us.
They called me back to say that Shoreline wouldn't supply this model to them but they had an Inlander fridge that would fit our space. A quick call to Joe who was at the boat, to go and look at the fridge and if okay, pay for it.  Picking it up, and more importantly getting the old fridge out of it's snug location and off of the boat was a two man job to be tackled when I was on hand to help.
Last Friday we both travelled up to Hatherton and performed the said task, old fridge out and off of the boat and new fridge collected, unpacked and installed. 

 It occurred to me that whilst all this was going on it was me that it was walking backwards along a narrow pontoon, over the gunwale and down the steps into the boat...a bit of a Ginger Rogers to Joe's Fred Astaire...and he jammed my fingers between the fridge and the bulkhead... Did Ginger have this to contend with?

Just a note about Midland Chandlers Penkridge who couldn't have been more helpful. we were really impressed with the service provided.


  1. Those nice people at that branch of Midland had LENT another boater a magnet when we called in a few weeks ago, this chaps dog had knocked his car keys into the cut.
    Very kind of them I thought.

    PS Has new fridge an ice box for G&T's?

    Lisa x

    1. LISA but of course!! two ice trays already in place in case we bump into you and you lead us astray...hic

  2. According to sources Ginger Rodgers suffered a lot worse in the hands of and from the feet of Fred Astair... I think you got off lightly Lesley :) LOL

    1. "I do everything he does but in high heels and backwards." I didn't have the high heels on hough...he did.

  3. That looks a bit tight on ventilation which wont help efficiency


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