Monday, 2 September 2019

So far...

We plan to add solar panels to Steadfast next year allowing us to sit quietly for a couple of days without having to move or run our engine. For now we are moving each day to charge our batteries but since changing the old fridge for a new one we find that an hour of running our slow revving engine brings the batteries up to float. When we first moved the boat from Crick to Yelvertoft and then to its home mooring at Hatherton we were have to run for between 3 and 4 hours each day to achieve the same thing. Changes made, largely the replacement of a dying fridge, but also a twelve volt TV and dedicated charging points for tablets and phones seem to working well.  Everything on board works well, the bed is so comfortable we are reluctant to leave it in the morning, the shower is good and we are happy converts to a pump-out loo.
The boat handles well for a flat bottomed ditch crawler and the reduced length and weight compared to a 68' Caxton and a 66' Yarwood, our previous boats, is just right for us as we stack up our years.


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