Tuesday, 24 March 2020


We headed back to our home mooring this morning and returned home to comply with the measures being put in place to combat Corvid 19.  On arriving at Hatherton we were met by John the manager enquiring about our plans. The marina doesn't want people self isolating on their boats; we were able to assure him that we had not intention of doing that. 
The journey home was made much easier by the light traffic we encountered.
So here we are ensconced in our home and ready to sit it out until the virus is overcome and we are freed again..
Keep safe everyone


  1. Fingers Crossed we are in the same position here. Take care.

  2. We are on our winter mooring and going nowhere so feel quite safe here, well as safe as we can be. That is us done now until it is all over. Glad you got home take care the both of you and stay safe xx

    1. Thanks Sue. Keep yourselves safe and occupied.


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