Thursday, 10 October 2019

Another hectic day

A lazy start to the day we had read the papers, done the crosswords and  drunk tea before thinking about getting up and dressed and on our way.  The joggers had been passed at seven am and a buzz saw was busy at the top of the Brewood embankment from just after seven and as we set off at 8.40 the offspring of Brewood were squealing and shouting enmasse ahead of being caged for lessons.
Our first stop was going to be Wheaton Aston for diesel.

Fuel here is still very reasonable and maybe the cheapest on the cut.  As we were almost finished fueling another Narrowboat was pulling in.  We moved across to the towpath side and moored up to have some late breakfast or early lunch resuming our journey after a couple of hours but we did cram a hot shower into that break.

 Sunlit Shroppie with hardly any boats moving.

Moored Norbury Junction after four and bit hours moving.  Time to rest ahead of another hectic day. Supper was on board, homemade turkey burgers, spinach and cheesy mash...oh, and vino.


  1. Hawne Basin is the cheapest fuel on the cut :)

  2. Taking a friend to Norbury for Breakfast today ( sadly by car) then a show around of Percy so may catch sight of you otherwise have a great trip .... I presume the four counties ?

  3. We are currently moored at Market Drayton and off to Audlem this morning if the weather clears. We passed Percy yesterday and gave her a wave. Four counties it is Nev.


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