Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Tucked up

Himself and I woke this morning at 6am.  I rolled out of my warm bed to put the kettle on before retreating back to bed with cups of tea and biscuits. By 7am we were up and dressed and on our way slipping under the railway bridges mentioned afore.

We started off in clear weather but by the time we reached Tixal Wide the rain had started.

As we reached Great Haywood the rain eased a little. We turned left on to the Trent and Mersey canal heading north towards the entrance to Great Haywood marina. We have never moored in the marina though I recall using the laundry facilities when we were iced in at the junction over one Christmas period.  We were on NB Caxton but being unable to fill the water tank meant the onboard facilities were redundant.

Joe threaded Steadfast through the marina to our allotted berth at the rear and backed in to our slot.  Web breakfasted and showered before stripping our bed and packing for the journey home. We will be back in three weeks to resume the trip to Tamworth...ice permitting.


  1. I’m just getting up and not only is your days cruise done and dusted but you’ve blogged about it!!


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